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ITU-T Recommendation V.8

2014-08-19 05:35:36
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This Recommendation defines signals to be exchanged between DCEs over the PSTN when a
session of data transmission needs to be established, but before signals are exchanged which are
specific to a particular Recommendation. It provides means to automatically determine the best
available operational mode between two DCEs connected via the PSTN, provides a timely indication
to Circuit Multiplication Equipments on the V-series modulation to be employed in a new session of
data transmission, provides a means to enable a PSTN call to be passed on automatically to an
appropriate DCE, and provides signals for interacting with PSTN echo-control equipment.
This Recommendation was revised in 1998 and 1999 to define additional call function types, define
procedures for the exchange of non-standard facilities information and add support for PCM
modulation modes.
This Recommendation was revised in 2000 to provide support for V.92 features, correct errors in the
1999 version, clarify the use of the prot0 octet, and add clause 10 to address compatibility with
future revisions of this Recommendation.
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内容很完整,关心ITU-T V8的可以下了看看,很有帮助!

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ITU-T Recommendation V.8 (215.81 kB)

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