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2014-09-16 06:36:51
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Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET) are a special kind of Mobile Ad-hoc network (MANET), in which vehicles on the road forms the nodes of the networks. Now a days, VANETs find several applications as an Intelligent Transportation System. Dynamic network architectures and node movement characteristics differentiates VANETs from other kinds of ad hoc networks.Since VANETs have a dynamic network topology, routing in VANETs are complicated. Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol is the most commonly used topology based routing protocol for VANET.
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Name Size Date
aodvtr.awk2.62 kB2011-03-08 21:55
arraytest.tcl685.00 B2010-12-10 15:55
avdelay19.00 B2011-03-09 15:39
avdelay.awk1.08 kB2011-03-09 15:38
catch-AODV149.00 B2011-03-21 01:34
catch-PRAODV150.00 B2011-03-21 01:35
cbr_throughput6.49 kB2011-03-07 15:53
Classtext.tcl636.00 B2010-12-13 15:33
cwnd.tcl2.80 kB2011-03-01 14:38
delay57.40 kB2011-03-21 10:17
delay.awk1,013.00 B2011-03-09 15:37
delay.dat129.00 B2011-03-17 20:02
delay-AODV161.00 B2011-03-20 21:07
delay-PRAODV162.00 B2011-04-18 16:28
EL-AODV.tar.gz3.43 kB2011-10-27 15:28
example1.nam282.91 kB2011-10-27 15:17
example1.tcl669.00 B2010-12-16 16:06
example1.tr106.42 kB2011-10-27 15:17
example2.tcl2.36 kB2010-12-16 17:00
getratio42.00 B2011-03-09 15:53
getratio.awk364.00 B2011-03-09 15:54
loss-AODV162.00 B2011-03-21 02:37
loss-PRAODV163.00 B2011-03-21 02:37
meanhop.awk357.00 B2007-05-05 15:45
measure-delay.awk597.00 B2011-03-06 16:18
measure-drop.awk369.00 B2011-03-06 16:01
measure-throughput.awk531.00 B2011-03-07 15:52
out.nam711.43 kB2011-10-27 15:17
out.tr287.90 kB2011-10-27 15:17
output0.ns36.65 kB2011-03-02 21:16
output1.ns36.50 kB2011-03-02 21:16
output2.ns36.70 kB2011-03-02 21:16
Packet149.00 B2011-03-17 21:24
queue.tcl1.98 kB2011-09-25 22:16
random.tcl5.14 kB2011-03-14 21:11
routeload.awk650.00 B2011-03-10 10:25
<set>0.00 B2011-03-16 22:09
simple.tr7.92 MB2012-01-11 18:55
simwrls.nam8.92 MB2012-01-11 18:55
tcpdelay63.62 kB2011-03-16 22:55
tcpdelay.gif42.19 kB2011-03-16 22:25
test.txt229.00 B2011-03-16 22:39
traodv.awk2.49 kB2011-03-08 22:02
win.tr610.48 kB2012-01-11 18:55
wrls-aodv.tcl5.02 kB2011-04-27 14:17
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