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Car Rental System

2014-09-22 10:09:59
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This project is a car rental system that allows a customer to choose his preferred car and view the cost and every things beside offering to the customer the choice to purchase other car equipment.

The plan test includes amending car details by display all the cars of the system and give option to edit or delete the selected car. After displaying all the cars in the system, we tried to change some data in the fields without changing the car image and click on update button, the car information is updated but the car image changed to NULL in the database. After editing the validation, the update process was succeeded. Also, we tried to change the registration number with a used one, at the beginning, it updated successfully. After editing the validation, the updating process fails to update new a car with existed registration number. Also, when we chose the delete option for a specific car, the cars details are displayed with the option of confirm deletion or cancel it. The confirm option will delete the car from the system while the cancel option will not.

·         Additionally, the plan contains testing the rental management where the admin able to check all the ongoing rentals. After displaying the rentals, we chose view option which shows the summery pages that displayed the customer information, rental information, and car information, location control list, and status control list. When we tried to click on return button to return the car, the process fails because we do not change the status to ‘Complete’, while after changing it the process successes. 

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Name Size Date
ajax_update_model.php866.00 B2014-05-22 19:47
cancel_reservation.php300.00 B2014-06-03 22:48
customer_form.php5.36 kB2014-06-05 17:01
debugging.php213.00 B2014-05-27 22:43
DO_car.php13.62 kB2014-06-09 02:53
DO_customer.php3.58 kB2014-06-03 23:28
DO_rental.php2.62 kB2014-06-03 23:29
DO_rentextras.php1.92 kB2014-06-05 16:54
footer.html831.00 B2014-06-03 23:31
header.html923.00 B2014-06-03 18:42
01.97 kB
babyseat.jpg5.56 kB2014-05-27 21:42
Ford-Taurus-image-10_9_2013-300x165.jpg35.44 kB2014-06-02 16:12
GPS.jpg9.64 kB2014-05-27 21:44
hbg_img.jpg18.28 kB2014-05-29 00:41
header_bg.gif114.00 B2010-07-01 06:45
Koala.jpg762.53 kB2014-06-02 09:00
li.gif59.00 B2010-07-01 06:45
Lighthouse.jpg548.12 kB2014-06-02 09:22
menu_a.gif2.08 kB2010-07-01 06:45
mitsubishi-lancer-sportback.jpg47.24 kB2014-06-02 16:12
Penguins.jpg759.60 kB2014-06-02 09:30
pix1.jpg1.87 kB2010-06-25 20:11
search.gif217.00 B2010-06-25 20:11
search_btn.gif779.00 B2010-06-25 20:11
shortcut.jpg9.41 kB2014-05-29 00:48
spacer.gif43.00 B2010-05-28 13:56
submit.gif654.00 B2010-05-28 13:56
sunny1.jpg9.15 kB2014-05-26 09:18
userpic.gif943.00 B2010-05-28 13:56
woofers.jpg4.79 kB2014-05-27 21:45
index.php5.08 kB2014-06-09 01:51
01.97 kB
last_page.php581.00 B2014-06-09 01:58
mysqli_connect.php1.15 kB2014-06-09 02:53
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
<config.properties>0.00 B2014-05-12 09:34
private.properties240.00 B2014-06-09 02:54
private.xml343.00 B2014-06-09 02:55
project.properties140.00 B2014-05-11 11:27
project.xml326.00 B2014-05-11 11:27
show_cars.php2.07 kB2014-05-15 11:48
show_extras.php4.39 kB2014-06-05 17:00
style.css5.94 kB2014-06-02 14:54
summary_page.php4.26 kB2014-06-03 23:02
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