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2014-10-13 20:34:43
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Setting Live Tile's title in background
Quickstart: Update a live tile from a background task
Use a background task to update your app's live tile with fresh content.
Here's a video that shows how to add live tiles to your apps.

This topic assumes that you can create a basic Windows Store app using C++, C#, or Visual Basic. For 

instructions on how to create your first Windows Store app, see Building your first Windows Store apps using 

C++, C#, or Visual Basic.

To use the code described in this section, you'll need:
Windows 8
Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8
Create the background task project

To enable a live tile for your app, add a new Windows Runtime Component project to your solution. This is a 

separate assembly that Windows loads and runs in the background when a user installs your app.

In Solution Explorer, right-click the solution, point to Add, and click or tap New Project.

In the Add New Project dialog, select the Windows Runtime Component template in the Visual C# > Windows 

Store section.

Name the project BackgroundTasks and click or tap OK. Microsoft Visual Studio adds the new project to the 


In the main project, add a reference to the BackgroundTasks project.
Implement the background task

Implement the IBackgroundTask interface to create a class that updates your app's live tile. Your background 

work goes in the Run method. In this case, the task gets a syndication feed for the MSDN blogs. To prevent 

the task from closing prematurely while asynchronous code is still running, get a deferral.

In Solution Explorer, rename the automatically generated file, Class1.cs, to BlogFeedBackgroundTask.cs.

In BlogFeedBackgroundTask.cs, replace the automatically generated code with the stub code for 

theBlogFeedBackgroundTask class.

In the Run method implementation, add code for the GetMSDNBlogFeed and UpdateTile methods.

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description.html11.21 kB2013-06-19 17:48
offline.js1.63 kB2013-06-19 17:48
<Combined.css>0.00 B2013-06-19 17:48
<2f95808e-ca34-4249-88ff-44fabe33cdc0Combined.css>0.00 B2013-06-19 17:48
Galleries.css10.24 kB2013-06-19 17:48
Layout.css1.69 kB2013-06-19 17:48
Brand.css70.15 kB2013-06-19 17:48
iframedescription.css3.29 kB2013-06-19 17:48
license.rtf4.58 kB2013-06-19 17:48
Microsoft45.07 kB2013-06-19 17:48
Readme.htm13.94 kB2013-06-19 17:48
sdkTilesCS.sln1.09 kB2013-06-19 17:48
01.97 kB
App.xaml1.39 kB2013-06-19 17:48
App.xaml.cs5.81 kB2013-06-19 17:48
ApplicationIcon.png1.45 kB2013-06-19 17:48
ApplicationTile.xaml5.54 kB2013-06-19 17:48
ApplicationTile.xaml.cs2.70 kB2013-06-19 17:48
Background.png4.61 kB2013-06-19 17:48
Blue.jpg1.09 kB2013-06-19 17:48
Green.jpg1.09 kB2013-06-19 17:48
MainPage.xaml3.71 kB2013-06-19 17:48
MainPage.xaml.cs1.89 kB2013-06-19 17:48
01.97 kB
AppManifest.xml207.00 B2013-06-19 17:48
AssemblyInfo.cs2.02 kB2013-06-19 17:48
WMAppManifest.xml1.60 kB2013-06-19 17:48
Red.jpg1.09 kB2013-06-19 17:48
sdkTilesCS.csproj5.07 kB2013-06-19 17:48
SecondaryTile.xaml5.70 kB2013-06-19 17:48
SecondaryTile.xaml.cs10.30 kB2013-06-19 17:48
SplashScreenImage.jpg9.20 kB2013-06-19 17:48
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WP dynamic tile sample (65.08 kB)

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