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Hand Tracking And Recognition with OpenCV

2014-10-17 00:18:09
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Computer Vision is in many ways the ultimate sensor, and has endless potential applications to robotics.

The hand tracking is based on color recognition. The program is therefore initialized by sampling color from the hand.The hand is then extracted from the background by using a threshold using the sampled color profile. Each color in the profile produces a binary image which in turn are all summed together. A nonlinear median filter is then applied to get a smooth and noise free binary representation of the hand.The properties determining whether a convexity defect is to be dismissed is the angle between the lines going from the defect to the neighbouring convex polygon vertices.

The analyzis results in data that can be of further use in gesture recognition:

  • Fingertip positions
  • Number of fingers
  • Number of hands
  • Area of hands


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Name Size Date
01.97 kB
opencv_calib3d249.dll768.00 kB2014-04-15 14:29
opencv_calib3d249d.dll1.47 MB2014-04-15 14:31
opencv_contrib249.dll1.10 MB2014-04-15 14:30
opencv_contrib249d.dll2.35 MB2014-04-15 14:32
opencv_core249.dll2.00 MB2014-04-15 14:27
opencv_core249d.dll3.31 MB2014-04-15 14:31
opencv_createsamples.exe143.50 kB2014-04-15 14:29
opencv_features2d249.dll701.00 kB2014-04-15 14:28
opencv_features2d249d.dll1.39 MB2014-04-15 14:31
opencv_ffmpeg249.dll10.05 MB2013-11-19 08:39
opencv_flann249.dll477.50 kB2014-04-15 14:27
opencv_flann249d.dll1.08 MB2014-04-15 14:31
opencv_gpu249.dll412.00 kB2014-04-15 14:29
opencv_gpu249d.dll918.00 kB2014-04-15 14:32
opencv_haartraining.exe144.50 kB2014-04-15 14:29
opencv_highgui249.dll1.98 MB2014-04-15 14:28
opencv_highgui249d.dll3.42 MB2014-04-15 14:31
opencv_imgproc249.dll1.83 MB2014-04-15 14:28
opencv_imgproc249d.dll2.99 MB2014-04-15 14:31
opencv_legacy249.dll1.16 MB2014-04-15 14:29
opencv_legacy249d.dll2.46 MB2014-04-15 14:32
opencv_ml249.dll497.00 kB2014-04-15 14:27
opencv_ml249d.dll999.50 kB2014-04-15 14:31
opencv_nonfree249.dll534.50 kB2014-04-15 14:30
opencv_nonfree249d.dll1.10 MB2014-04-15 14:32
opencv_objdetect249.dll642.00 kB2014-04-15 14:28
opencv_objdetect249d.dll1.46 MB2014-04-15 14:31
opencv_ocl249.dll1.96 MB2014-04-15 14:29
opencv_ocl249d.dll3.43 MB2014-04-15 14:32
opencv_performance.exe12.50 kB2014-04-15 14:29
opencv_photo249.dll187.00 kB2014-04-15 14:28
opencv_photo249d.dll453.50 kB2014-04-15 14:31
opencv_stitching249.dll975.00 kB2014-04-15 14:30
opencv_stitching249d.dll1.95 MB2014-04-15 14:32
opencv_superres249.dll588.00 kB2014-04-15 14:30
opencv_superres249d.dll1.18 MB2014-04-15 14:32
opencv_traincascade.exe225.00 kB2014-04-15 14:30
opencv_video249.dll357.50 kB2014-04-15 14:28
opencv_video249d.dll689.50 kB2014-04-15 14:31
opencv_videostab249.dll525.00 kB2014-04-15 14:30
opencv_videostab249d.dll1.11 MB2014-04-15 14:32
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
palmdetection-8a465435.ipch54.56 MB2014-10-15 21:10
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
RedObjectDetection.Build.CppClean.log3.33 kB2014-10-15 21:00
RedObjectDetection.log490.00 B2014-10-15 21:00
<RedObjectDetection.unsuccessfulbuild>0.00 B2014-10-15 20:35
handGesture.cpp7.57 kB2014-06-05 00:39
handGesture.hpp1.42 kB2014-06-05 00:39
main.cpp9.52 kB2014-06-05 00:39
main.hpp343.00 B2014-06-05 00:39
myImage.cpp340.00 B2014-06-05 00:39
myImage.hpp368.00 B2014-06-05 00:39
out.avi1.72 MB2014-10-15 20:31
palm_output2.avi5.54 kB2014-10-15 17:35
RedObjectDetection.vcxproj5.18 kB2014-10-15 21:08
RedObjectDetection.vcxproj.filters2.08 kB2014-10-15 19:24
RedObjectDetection.vcxproj.user143.00 B2014-09-03 20:49
roi.cpp692.00 B2014-06-05 00:39
roi.hpp347.00 B2014-06-05 00:39
RedObjectDetection.opensdf16.00 B2014-10-15 21:10
RedObjectDetection.sdf20.00 kB2014-10-15 21:10
RedObjectDetection.sln921.00 B2014-09-03 20:49
RedObjectDetection.suo18.50 kB2014-10-15 21:08
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Hand Tracking And Recognition with OpenCV (30.83 MB)

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