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IIC STM8S hardware registers operation drive 24C02

2014-10-23 21:42:28
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Stm8 the iic, online can be described as condemning , this discovery is really not good enough, complicated operation, but the most important thing is communication speed control after commissioning, through the operation of the clock register to select the communication speed , but it and by manual calculation formulas out there is a big difference, and the most terrible thing is the clock rising time, there is a rise time control registers in the register. 
Upload my project file, STVD, program variety while () did not set the timeout waiting to exit. 
Program is to confirm to read and write 24C02 after running through the observation variables in the simulation window.
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Name Size Date
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
iic.ls21.51 kB2014-03-04 19:39
iic.o17.98 kB2014-03-04 19:39
iic_24c02.elf15.27 kB2014-03-04 19:39
iic_24c02.lkf2.25 kB2014-03-04 15:16
iic_24c02.map19.85 kB2014-03-04 19:39
iic_24c02.s192.44 kB2014-03-04 19:39
iic_24c02.sm827.33 kB2014-03-04 19:39
main.ls6.26 kB2014-03-04 19:39
main.o13.92 kB2014-03-04 19:39
stm8_interrupt_vector.ls5.35 kB2014-03-04 19:39
stm8_interrupt_vector.o2.72 kB2014-03-04 19:39
iic_24c02.dep703.00 B2014-03-04 19:40
iic_24c02.pdb951.00 B2014-03-04 15:23
iic_24c02.stp12.22 kB2014-03-04 19:40
IIC_24C02.stw207.00 B2014-03-04 19:40
IIC_24C02.wdb22.65 kB2014-03-04 15:23
IIC_24C02.wed22.74 kB2014-03-04 19:40
main.c1.01 kB2014-03-04 15:18
01.97 kB
iic_24c02.lkf2.25 kB2014-03-04 15:16
stm8_interrupt_vector.c1.91 kB2007-11-13 16:37
01.97 kB
iic.c5.35 kB2014-03-04 19:39
iic.h532.00 B2014-03-04 19:39
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IIC STM8S hardware registers operation drive 24C02 (53.90 kB)

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