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QRcode two-dimensional code generator source

2014-11-06 01:59:33
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Brief introduction 
       This is a simple example, to produce a specific text from the use of libqrencode library QRcode BMP files. There are many online reference library but there is no simple example. In this project, there are also problems arise when an alternative is the normal use of the library: Here's the source code included so there is no direct connection conflict.
       libqrencode support QR code model describes 2, JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) x0510: 2004 or ISO / IEC 18004. Currently, does not support the following features: ECI and fnc1 mode QR Code Model 1.
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File list

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Name Size Date
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
QRGenerator.ilk366.95 kB2013-06-11|12:21
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
BuildLog.htm15.69 kB2013-06-11|12:21
01.97 kB
bitstream.c4.21 kB2013-05-15|12:07
bitstream.h1.40 kB2013-05-15|12:07
config.h230.00 B2013-05-15|12:07
mask.c6.79 kB2013-05-15|12:07
mask.h1.52 kB2013-05-15|12:07
mmask.c4.01 kB2013-05-15|12:07
mmask.h1.37 kB2013-05-15|12:07
mqrspec.c6.92 kB2013-05-15|12:07
mqrspec.h4.66 kB2013-05-15|12:07
qrenc.c21.53 kB2013-06-05|16:59
qrencode.c19.60 kB2013-05-15|12:07
qrencode.h20.17 kB2013-05-15|12:07
qrencode_inner.h2.71 kB2013-05-15|12:07
qrinput.c38.05 kB2013-05-15|12:07
qrinput.h3.57 kB2013-05-15|12:07
qrspec.c15.35 kB2013-05-15|12:07
qrspec.h5.70 kB2013-05-15|12:07
rscode.c8.96 kB2013-05-15|12:07
rscode.h1.43 kB2013-05-15|12:07
split.c7.20 kB2013-05-15|12:07
split.h1.87 kB2013-05-15|12:07
QRGenerator.cpp6.14 kB2013-05-15|12:07
QRGenerator.vcproj5.68 kB2013-06-11|12:20
QRGenerator.vcproj.NCC1701A.TWOTM.user1.39 kB2013-06-11|12:21
QRGenerator.vcproj.PROXIMA.TWOTM.user1.38 kB2013-05-15|12:07
01.97 kB
bitstream.obj15.25 kB2013-06-11|12:21
BuildLog.htm10.58 kB2013-06-11|12:21
mask.obj19.98 kB2013-06-11|12:21
mmask.obj12.95 kB2013-06-11|12:21
mqrspec.obj16.01 kB2013-06-11|12:21
mt.dep62.00 B2013-06-11|12:21
qrencode.obj40.71 kB2013-06-11|12:21
QRGenerator.exe.intermediate.manifest616.00 B2013-06-11|12:21
QRGenerator.obj34.64 kB2013-06-11|12:21
qrinput.obj62.77 kB2013-06-11|12:21
qrspec.obj26.07 kB2013-06-11|12:21
rscode.obj14.36 kB2013-06-11|12:21
split.obj16.79 kB2013-06-11|12:21
stdafx.obj25.93 kB2013-06-11|12:21
vc90.idb83.00 kB2013-06-11|12:21
vc90.pdb76.00 kB2013-06-11|12:21
stdafx.cpp298.00 B2013-05-15|12:07
stdafx.h320.00 B2013-05-15|12:07
targetver.h765.00 B2013-05-15|12:07
QRGenerator.ncb683.00 kB2013-06-11|12:21
QRGenerator.sln899.00 B2013-05-15|12:07
QRGenerator.suo23.00 kB2013-06-11|12:21
01.97 kB
QRGenerator.exe28.00 kB2013-06-11|12:21
QRGenerator.pdb267.00 kB2013-06-11|12:21
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很不错的定位算法,这是基于rssi的三边定位算法,通过matlab仿真实现的,相信有很多人正在找类似的的东西吧 不要错过了






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QRcode two-dimensional code generator source (497.86 kB)

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