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Tiny Microcontroller for FPGAs A

2015-07-08 01:53:43
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嵌入式系统嵌入式系统 Verilog HDLVerilog


is a tiny microcontroller that is optimized for AbstractLow-cost FPGAs. Leros is designed with a balanced logic currentOn-chip memory relation. The design goal is a microcontroller toCan be clocked in about half of the speed a pipelined on-chip thatAnd consuming less than logic 300 cells. memoryArchitecture which, follows from the design goals is, a The16-bit accumulator processor. An implementation of pipelinedNeeds at least one on-chip memory block and a few hundred LerosCells. logicApplication areas of Leros are twofold: First it, can be used TheAn intelligent peripheral device for auxiliary functions in an asBased system-on-chip design. Second the, very small size FPGALeros makes it an attractive softcore for many-core research ofLow-cost FPGAs. with

Key Technology

Smallest; core is comparable to Leros and can be implemented The Less than LCs. 700 It is a sequential implementation and inInstruction takes at least clock 6 cycles. Leros is a smaller each(16-bit), architecture and full pipelining accumulator-basedTo execute each instruction in a single clock cycle. allowsSuper small processor [9] is optimized for low resource TheConsumption (of the NIOS economy version Resources). HalfReduced by serializing ALU operations to single bit operations. areLC consumption is comparable with Leros but, the TheMemory consumption is not reported. on-chip
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File list

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Name Size Date
blink.asm698.00 B05-09-11|21:52
branch.asm545.00 B05-09-11|21:52
echo.asm305.00 B05-09-11|21:52
hello.asm596.00 B05-09-11|21:52
jal.asm399.00 B05-09-11|21:52
loadstore.asm288.00 B05-09-11|21:52
test.asm252.00 B05-09-11|21:52
design-blog.txt2.35 kB08-11-12|15:28
leros.pdf126.63 kB05-09-11|21:52
lerosjvm.pdf328.79 kB22-09-11|05:42
notes.txt862.00 B05-09-11|21:52
Hello.java2.10 kB11-03-12|03:05
Blink.java2.19 kB22-09-11|06:01
Native.java2.33 kB11-03-12|03:05
MuviumRunnable.java1.89 kB22-09-11|05:42
DrawLine.java5.74 kB10-03-12|03:02
Serializable.java53.00 B10-03-12|07:53
Object.java2.86 kB22-09-11|05:42
Runnable.java1.79 kB22-09-11|05:42
String.java1.77 kB22-09-11|05:42
TestNoc.java822.00 B10-03-12|07:53
ButtonOFF.png2.27 kB22-09-11|05:42
ButtonON.png2.17 kB22-09-11|05:42
LedOFF.png3.31 kB22-09-11|05:42
LedON.png5.84 kB22-09-11|05:42
Muvium.ico12.95 kB22-09-11|05:42
MuviumICON16.png754.00 B22-09-11|05:42
MuviumLOGO.png1.45 kB22-09-11|05:42
Leros.g5.96 kB22-09-11|05:42
LerosAsm.java5.61 kB22-09-11|05:42
ILerosIO.java134.00 B22-09-11|05:42
LerosIO.java2.88 kB11-03-12|03:05
LerosSim.java7.26 kB22-09-11|05:42
QuickIO.java5.73 kB22-09-11|05:42
jikes.exe2.51 MB10-03-12|07:53
config.xml342.00 B05-09-11|21:52
jaxen.jar221.60 kB05-09-11|21:52
jdom.jar149.22 kB05-09-11|21:52
Leros.jar49.18 kB10-03-12|07:53
Muvium-Leros.jar378.75 kB10-03-12|07:53
makeLeros.bat258.00 B22-09-11|05:42
makeNativeEcho.bat234.00 B22-09-11|05:42
Native.java126.00 B22-09-11|05:42
NativeEcho.java399.00 B22-09-11|05:42
runBlink.bat1.04 kB22-09-11|05:42
antlr-3.3-complete.jar1.85 MB05-09-11|21:52
Makefile3.88 kB15-03-12|07:24
Makefile750.00 B05-09-11|21:52
sim.do66.00 B05-09-11|21:52
wave.do2.82 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros.cdf283.00 B05-09-11|21:52
leros.qpf1.24 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros.qsf4.68 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros.sdc1.24 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros.qpf1.24 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros.qsf11.53 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros.sdc1.24 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros.qpf1.24 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros.qsf3.73 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros.sdc1.27 kB05-09-11|21:52
memfmax.qsf2.44 kB05-09-11|21:52
memfmax.sdc348.00 B05-09-11|21:52
README244.00 B05-09-11|21:52
test.txt26.00 B05-09-11|21:25
USBRunner.exe33.44 kB05-09-11|21:52
.libraries.xml371.00 B05-09-11|21:52
.project1.15 kB08-11-12|15:28
cyc2_pll.vhd5.69 kB05-09-11|21:52
cyc3_pll.vhd5.64 kB05-09-11|21:52
cyc_pll.vhd2.49 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros.vhd2.44 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros_decode.vhd3.56 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros_ex.vhd5.37 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros_fedec.vhd4.56 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros_im.vhd3.32 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros_types.vhd3.40 kB05-09-11|21:52
uart.vhd9.76 kB05-09-11|21:52
tb_leros.vhd2.28 kB05-09-11|21:52
memfmax.vhd3.18 kB05-09-11|21:52
leroscyc12.vhd4.12 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros_de2-70.vhd3.66 kB11-03-12|03:05
leros_nexys2.vhd3.43 kB05-09-11|21:52
sp3epll.vhd3.18 kB05-09-11|21:52
fmax.gise1.03 kB14-05-15|15:55
fmax.xise39.03 kB14-05-15|15:55
fmax_ise12migration.zip5.36 kB14-05-15|15:55
fmax.projectmgr4.24 kB14-05-15|15:55
leros_nexys2.xreport20.36 kB14-05-15|15:55
leros_nexys2_summary.html3.45 kB14-05-15|15:55
pn_parser.xmsgs2.37 kB14-05-15|15:55
memtest.xise37.53 kB05-09-11|21:52
nexys2.xise33.59 kB05-09-11|21:52
general.ucf120.00 B05-09-11|21:52
leros_nexys2.ucf2.01 kB05-09-11|21:52
Nexys2_500General.ucf18.24 kB05-09-11|21:52
leros0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
muvium0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
io0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
lang0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
asm0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
sim0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
asm0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
sim0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
com0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
java0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
grammar0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
leros0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
grammar0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
leros0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
src0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
images0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
src0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
iseconfig0.00 B14-05-15|15:55
_xmsgs0.00 B14-05-15|15:55
examples0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
src0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
target0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
tools0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
lib0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
altde2-700.00 B14-05-15|15:45
dspio0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
fmax0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
memtest0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
altera0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
core0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
io0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
simulation0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
test0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
top0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
xilinx0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
fmax0.00 B14-05-15|15:55
memtest0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
nexys20.00 B14-05-15|15:45
ucf0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
asm0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
doc0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
java0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
jikes0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
LerosMuviumSDK0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
lib0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
modelsim0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
quartus0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
vhdl0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
xilinx0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
trunk0.00 B14-05-15|15:45
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Tiny Microcontroller for FPGAs A (3.47 MB)

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