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This is a completely Chinese chess procedures, better artificial intelligence, b...

2010-07-27 15:40:47
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This is a completely Chinese chess procedures, better artificial intelligence, but also to improve their own artificial intelligence parameters, is a very good example, procedures are relatively large, compiled procedures no longer available, unpacked in c : root directory
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Name Size Date
code file AboutDlog.cppAboutDlog.cpp642.00 B18-03-01 14:13
源码文件 AboutDlog.dfmAboutDlog.dfm3.99 kB01-04-01 00:43
code file AboutDlog.hAboutDlog.h1.08 kB31-03-01 16:29
源码文件 AboutDlog.objAboutDlog.obj40.04 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 AboutDlog.~cppAboutDlog.~cpp642.00 B18-03-01 14:13
源码文件 AboutDlog.~dfmAboutDlog.~dfm3.99 kB31-03-01 10:26
源码文件 AboutDlog.~hAboutDlog.~h1.09 kB18-03-01 14:13
源码文件 Amask.bmpAmask.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:31
源码文件 Bassist.bmpBassist.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:31
源码文件 Bbishop.bmpBbishop.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:31
源码文件 Bgunner.bmpBgunner.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:31
源码文件 BkBrush.bmpBkBrush.bmp150.00 B10-06-92 03:10
源码文件 Bking.bmpBking.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:32
源码文件 Bking.icoBking.ico766.00 B01-09-99 12:57
源码文件 Bkngt.bmpBkngt.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:32
源码文件 Bmask.bmpBmask.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:32
源码文件 BPAWN.BMPBPAWN.BMP2.15 kB19-06-99 20:32
源码文件 Brook.bmpBrook.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:33
code file CDefines.hCDefines.h1.92 kB31-03-01 16:31
源码文件 CDefines.~hCDefines.~h1.92 kB31-03-01 16:31
源码文件 check.bmpcheck.bmp376.00 B27-01-99 04:00
源码文件 Chess.bprChess.bpr3.58 kB20-11-01 20:58
code file chess.cppchess.cpp1.72 kB31-03-01 10:32
code file Chess.hChess.h337.00 B04-07-01 03:34
源码文件 chess.icochess.ico766.00 B01-09-99 12:58
源码文件 chess.objchess.obj19.76 kB20-11-01 21:14
code file chess.rcchess.rc728.00 B18-03-01 21:37
源码文件 chess.RESchess.RES50.87 kB20-11-01 21:15
源码文件 chess.tdschess.tds4.19 MB20-11-01 21:17
源码文件 Chess.~bprChess.~bpr3.58 kB20-11-01 20:34
源码文件 chess.~cppchess.~cpp1.72 kB18-03-01 21:46
源码文件 Chess.~hChess.~h370.00 B18-03-01 02:14
源码文件 chess.~rcchess.~rc728.00 B18-03-01 21:37
code file ChessErr.cppChessErr.cpp2.66 kB31-03-01 11:12
code file ChessErr.hChessErr.h947.00 B19-03-01 23:31
源码文件 ChessErr.objChessErr.obj47.67 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 ChessErr.~cppChessErr.~cpp2.66 kB31-03-01 11:07
源码文件 ChessErr.~hChessErr.~h942.00 B07-02-01 18:32
源码文件 CHKBON.BMPCHKBON.BMP122.00 B10-06-92 03:10
code file ColorDlog.cppColorDlog.cpp4.87 kB31-03-01 10:43
源码文件 ColorDlog.dfmColorDlog.dfm3.67 kB01-04-01 00:46
code file ColorDlog.hColorDlog.h1.77 kB18-03-01 00:00
源码文件 ColorDlog.objColorDlog.obj50.49 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 ColorDlog.~cppColorDlog.~cpp4.87 kB31-03-01 10:43
源码文件 ColorDlog.~dfmColorDlog.~dfm3.67 kB31-03-01 10:38
源码文件 ColorDlog.~hColorDlog.~h1.77 kB16-03-01 21:01
code file EditForm2.cppEditForm2.cpp7.41 kB31-03-01 11:03
源码文件 EditForm2.dfmEditForm2.dfm307.00 B28-03-01 01:33
code file EditForm2.hEditForm2.h1.24 kB17-02-01 23:34
源码文件 EditForm2.objEditForm2.obj63.46 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 EditForm2.~cppEditForm2.~cpp7.40 kB31-03-01 11:00
源码文件 EditForm2.~dfmEditForm2.~dfm307.00 B28-03-01 01:33
code file EndGameDlog.cppEndGameDlog.cpp3.98 kB01-04-01 02:22
code file EndGameDlog.hEndGameDlog.h1,011.00 B01-04-01 02:21
源码文件 EndGameDlog.objEndGameDlog.obj62.96 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 EndGameDlog.~cppEndGameDlog.~cpp3.98 kB01-04-01 02:22
源码文件 EndGameDlog.~hEndGameDlog.~h1,011.00 B01-04-01 02:21
code file Evaluate.cppEvaluate.cpp26.17 kB05-05-01 12:35
源码文件 Evaluate.objEvaluate.obj30.33 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 Evaluate.~cppEvaluate.~cpp26.17 kB05-05-01 12:35
code file Global.hGlobal.h4.69 kB15-04-01 12:04
源码文件 Global.~hGlobal.~h4.69 kB15-04-01 12:04
code file GlobalFun.cppGlobalFun.cpp91.80 kB19-11-01 23:51
源码文件 GlobalFun.objGlobalFun.obj155.13 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 GlobalFun.~cppGlobalFun.~cpp91.80 kB19-11-01 12:49
源码文件 Gmask.bmpGmask.bmp3.34 kB19-06-99 20:33
code file InfoForm3.cppInfoForm3.cpp4.65 kB31-03-01 14:40
源码文件 InfoForm3.dfmInfoForm3.dfm3.01 kB19-11-01 17:42
code file InfoForm3.hInfoForm3.h2.73 kB28-03-01 19:27
源码文件 InfoForm3.objInfoForm3.obj63.89 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 InfoForm3.~cppInfoForm3.~cpp4.65 kB31-03-01 14:40
源码文件 InfoForm3.~dfmInfoForm3.~dfm3.01 kB31-03-01 14:35
源码文件 InfoForm3.~hInfoForm3.~h2.73 kB28-03-01 19:27
code file InputMinPerGame.cppInputMinPerGame.cpp525.00 B12-02-01 20:43
源码文件 InputMinPerGame.dfmInputMinPerGame.dfm1.95 kB31-03-01 14:40
code file InputMinPerGame.hInputMinPerGame.h1.06 kB12-02-01 20:43
源码文件 InputMinPerGame.objInputMinPerGame.obj39.60 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 InputMinPerGame.~cppInputMinPerGame.~cpp525.00 B12-02-01 20:43
源码文件 InputMinPerGame.~dfmInputMinPerGame.~dfm1.95 kB12-02-01 20:43
code file InputPlyDepth.cppInputPlyDepth.cpp497.00 B24-12-00 12:30
源码文件 InputPlyDepth.dfmInputPlyDepth.dfm2.43 kB19-10-01 02:20
code file InputPlyDepth.hInputPlyDepth.h1.04 kB17-12-00 00:37
源码文件 InputPlyDepth.objInputPlyDepth.obj47.75 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 InputPlyDepth.~cppInputPlyDepth.~cpp497.00 B24-12-00 12:30
源码文件 InputPlyDepth.~dfmInputPlyDepth.~dfm2.43 kB05-02-01 23:44
code file InputSecPerMove.cppInputSecPerMove.cpp528.00 B17-12-00 00:34
源码文件 InputSecPerMove.dfmInputSecPerMove.dfm2.53 kB14-01-01 19:06
code file InputSecPerMove.hInputSecPerMove.h1.07 kB17-12-00 00:34
源码文件 InputSecPerMove.objInputSecPerMove.obj47.93 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 Kmask.bmpKmask.bmp3.34 kB19-06-99 20:33
源码文件 Ktmask.bmpKtmask.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:34
code file MainForm1.cppMainForm1.cpp41.23 kB20-11-01 19:51
源码文件 MainForm1.dfmMainForm1.dfm7.08 kB20-11-01 20:32
code file MainForm1.hMainForm1.h5.91 kB04-07-01 02:39
源码文件 MainForm1.objMainForm1.obj132.88 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 MainForm1.~cppMainForm1.~cpp41.23 kB20-11-01 19:51
源码文件 MainForm1.~dfmMainForm1.~dfm7.08 kB19-11-01 12:20
源码文件 MainForm1.~hMainForm1.~h5.91 kB04-07-01 02:39
code file MoveGener.cppMoveGener.cpp27.92 kB14-04-01 13:01
源码文件 MoveGener.objMoveGener.obj30.62 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 MoveGener.~cppMoveGener.~cpp27.92 kB31-03-01 15:56
源码文件 myrc.RESmyrc.RES2.30 kB23-06-01 00:15
code file PieceValueDlog.cppPieceValueDlog.cpp7.61 kB31-03-01 10:45
源码文件 PieceValueDlog.dfmPieceValueDlog.dfm4.07 kB05-05-01 12:41
code file PieceValueDlog.hPieceValueDlog.h1.75 kB16-03-01 21:28
源码文件 PieceValueDlog.objPieceValueDlog.obj53.86 kB20-11-01 21:14
源码文件 PieceValueDlog.~cppPieceValueDlog.~cpp7.61 kB31-03-01 10:45
源码文件 PieceValueDlog.~dfmPieceValueDlog.~dfm4.07 kB31-03-01 15:58
源码文件 PMASK.BMPPMASK.BMP2.15 kB19-06-99 20:34
源码文件 Rassist.bmpRassist.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:34
源码文件 Rbishop.bmpRbishop.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:35
源码文件 Rgunner.bmpRgunner.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:43
源码文件 Rking.bmpRking.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:35
源码文件 Rking.icoRking.ico766.00 B01-09-99 12:58
源码文件 Rkngt.bmpRkngt.bmp2.15 kB19-10-01 01:29
源码文件 Rmask.bmpRmask.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:34
源码文件 Rpawn.bmpRpawn.bmp2.15 kB19-06-99 20:36
源码文件 Rrook.bmpRrook.bmp2.15 kB19-10-01 01:29
code file TreeSearch.cppTreeSearch.cpp27.14 kB20-11-01 20:18
源码文件 TreeSearch.objTreeSearch.obj43.60 kB20-11-01 21:15
源码文件 TreeSearch.~cppTreeSearch.~cpp27.69 kB04-07-01 03:31
源码文件 <BcbChess><BcbChess>0.00 B19-02-05 21:03


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This is a completely Chinese chess procedures, better artificial intelligence, b... (973.41 kB)

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