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Nine Bit serial port

2017-11-03 20:21:39
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9 bit serial port communication with PC UART.  harder to do on a regular Windows or Linux machine, there's a driver between the user mode program and the UART. The driver generates a "transmit buffer empty" status bit, like WaitCommmEvent() for EV_TXEMPTY on Windows, but this doesn't include the fifo empty status, it only indicates that the buffer is empty. A workaround would be to wait for the buffer empty status and then sleep() long enough to ensure that the fifo is emptied. A fifo is typically 16 bytes deep so sleep for 16 times the bit time. You'll need the datasheet for the UART on the card you selected to know these details for sure
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ninebituart.pro383.00 B2016-10-30 11:30
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uartcommunicator.cpp6.16 kB2016-10-30 11:30
uartcommunicator.h2.71 kB2016-10-30 11:30
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Nine Bit serial port (5.70 kB)

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